2017–Trends in Interior Design



Looking At Trends at 60…ok…62.

What is going on in the design world this year?  What’s hot? What’s trending in 2017?   Of course trends don’t start on January 1 of a new year, but they are more a slow ebb of changes of what we choose to live around.  Trends tend to cycle in ten year time periods. 

Sigh.   I’m getting older.  I reached 62 (shh!) this year and while I never dreaded a birthdate or a decade – the 60s are full of many changes that haven’t been so noticeable since leaving the teens for the 20s when EVERYTHING changes.  It seems that way again.

I realize things more clearly now – especially about design.  I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  For most of my adult life, I have been buying and buying and buying – scrambling to decorate a two story house on my beer budget and champagne taste.  It’s been a long voyage that started with my first apartment and now, I look around and I’ve been here in my “forever house” for almost 24 years – the absolute longest I have ever spent in one place.  As a child, I moved a lot.  But not my daughter.  She doesn’t know any other house but this one.  

After all these long years, eventually, my beer budget was mixed with a splash of champagne.   The house is all furnished now.  Every corner of it.  And now, the biggest change I’ve noticed in my sixties is that I don’t buy for my house anymore.  Just flowers and candles it seems.    Instead, I want to sell stuff.  I would rather clean out my storage closets filled with old collections that I stowed away years and years ago.   I want to downsize.  I dream of less rooms, but wider spaces.  But then, I don’t seem to really want to move.  I like my surroundings, dated though it seems.  The oil market crashed in Houston, the years have been lean lately – but if not, would I be tossing it all out and starting over again to look trendier?  That seems like such a waste, a feeling that might be either financially motivated or emotional.  Or maybe it’s just turning 62.    Does having an updated house matter at this age? 

When you decide to stop buying – unconsciously or not – you look at what others are doing and your house begins to feel a bit stagnant.  It’s that old ten year rule.  Every ten years, trends change.  Houses in the 50s looked a distinctive way.  And the 60s.  Certainly, the 80s, and the 90s.  I’ve passed that decade rule… I look at what the younger set are doing and they have a certain look that I just don’t. 

I’ll start with the kitchen.  I renovated my kitchen five or six years ago and it’s already dated when I look at magazines and newly built houses.  At the time, I updated all my brass hardware – tossed it out, didn’t even sell it, it was so worthless.  Now, my pricey updated pewter look is dated and brass is back in!!  It can drive you insane, if you let it.  If you have spent your entire life decorating, letting go isn’t always easy.   But the older you get, the less important it seems.

At what age do you stop restaining your wood floor from dark to light and back again.  Or changing your hardware in order to be updated.  Or  paint your red walls yellow, then gray, then white, then wallpaper them?  Or cover up all your sheetrock with plaster if you can afford it – or shiplap.

Does anyone else feel this way?  Or is this just the way a 60-something frustrated designer thinks?

So…here’s to the trends of 2017.  If you are in my age bracket, just enjoy it.  If you are younger, take note, you will probably really relate to this all and be off to go shopping!!!

First things first. 

My brother & sister –in laws recently moved to a new house that they totally renovated, and which I hope to show you one day!!  They installed a French range and it hit me – this is probably THE appliance to have now.  I must admit I was green with envy when I saw theirs.  They are a gorgeous appliance.

The French Range:  Lacanche or La Cornue 

So here it is – my choice for the biggest trend item in a kitchen - the Lacanche range, or the La Cornue – either one. The difference?  The Cornue is a bit more, but the smaller Williams Sonoma version is less and you can get it really fast.  Regardless, forget the AGA, it’s so passe.   

They sell much larger units with 9 burners and more, but now their are the smaller versions for the United States market.  This is the year of the French range.  If I were renovating a kitchen and had the budget – this would my choice.  I mean – look at it!  It looks like a gorgeous chest!!!  This is the smaller CornuFe’ at Williams Sonoma.  HERE.


All the star designers have a favorite expensive range they use.  Windsor Smith likes the French La Cornue.

Move over Kathryn Ireland and her AGA association, Suzanne Kasler recently partnered with La Cornue to design a collection – one filled with luscious colors:

Like this pink range.  The range of her colors is fabulous.  HERE.


Bailey McCarthy’s former kitchen was green with a white La Cornue.


And while this is the only photograph from Bailey’s new kitchen – judging by this gorgeous refrigertor, I can only imagine her range!!  Gold countertops.  The Feb. House Beautiful.

Besides a French Range, trends in kitchens include:

…dark, richly painted cabinets.  All white kitchens suddenly look…dated. 



Deep blue and brass with a warm, wood floor.  The farm sink is holding on.  A classic.  Will it ever date?   I doubt it.  


A brighter blue mixed with brass and wood and marble.  I love the old oil paintings with the contemporary look.


Green cabinets are trending too, mixed with brass and marble or white Quartzite, which is very popular now instead of marble.  More oil paintings.  Wood is trending in kitchens – everywhere really.  Wood ceilings and wood beams add a warmth to what can traditionally be a cold space.

Deep Russian blue mixed with contemporary large hardware in matte brass.  Upper cabinets – white with  white countertops – this lessens a too dark look.  Another item that has gained strength are these spot lights – in kitchen, bathrooms, and libraries.

Wood beams mixed with brass and deep blue with wood countertops and wood shelves.


Barkaboda – the new Ikea walnut countertop that has everyone talking HERE.

Can’t afford a Lacanche?  How about a Betrodd, a double gas range from Ikea HERE.  $1,100.


Trends in Floors:

The light, French oak wood for floors is still hot – hotter than ever.  But, not everyone can afford the gorgeous floor.  Instead, we now have wood look tile.  This particular floor above is Albero 3 by Cancos. 

These wood look-alike tiles are everywhere now.  And every renovated or flipped house has them.  My thoughts are – they probably are great for bathrooms and kitchens, but then, what?  Do you want an entire houseful of fake wood tile?  Where do you start and stop with the tile?  They are probably best for a beach house or a house in the country where real wood floors might be more easily ruined.


And more wood tile floors.  Go on Zillow and look at houses newly renovated for sale – and I promise you, you will see this floor with white walls and gray walls.  It’s a huge trend.  The magazines and market says color is in – and it is, for some.  For most in America though – this seems to be THE shades they are living with.


Here are dark faux wood tiles.  Again, great for a bathroom, but where do you stop the faux tile and add the real wood?


And there is also vinyl wood.  Vinyl faux wood is really popular too.  But, be very careful before you buy.  Maybe the light gray is better than the dark gray, this floor above does look pretty.  But, the other day, I saw a house with the dark gray vinyl and it was just awful looking.


Here is the dark vinyl faux wood.  It really is very fake looking in person.  I can’t recommend this choice.  This look is trending in renovations and new houses.  Gray walls, gray furniture, gray floors with pops of color.   


It’s all about texture as a trend – and brick is making a comeback, in this particular pattern.  It adds a lot of texture – and it’s a natural material.



This bathroom has several trends going on – the tile floor in herringbone, black accents in the hardware and the lighting - mixed with pure white walls, and shiplap.

Yes shiplap.  Thank the HGTV hit show Fixer Upper for this current craze, but shiplap is everywhere.  It’s a huge trend.

You might not find much shiplap in Architectural Digest or in Elle Decor…but it’s all over IG.  People are putting shiplap up in their homes like a crazed Joanna Gaines.


Shiplap in the kitchen – no need for a backsplash.

And shiplap in the entry and stairwell.   Mixed with black, of course. 

A more traditional application of shiplap.

Gray is still trending.  So are white walls.   And taupe.  I know that color is in – and there is more color than ever.  But…..white and gray are what people are choosing.

Go on instagram and there is page after page after page after page of houses that young couples own, painted gray and white.

The New Farmhouse:

Like this.  This look is really in with the younger set.  Tufted sofa.  White walls. Black accents.  Light floors.  My Texas House – this is her IG  

This look is called the New Farmhouse.

And it is this look that regardless of what you see in the pricey magazines, this is how many, many young Americans are decorating now. 


Another element of the New Farmhouse is the hand-written sign.  Every New Farmhouse has a written sign or two or three.  This owner is also a dealer of these signs which is why she has a lot on display. 


More New Farmhouse.  Shiplap, white mixed with black accents, and a hand written sign.


Barn Doors:

Here is the light oak floor mixed with shiplap and the barn door, still very popular, if not even more so than last year.


Rose Quartz was last year’s Pantone color but this year will see more and more of the beautiful color.  This year’s Pantone color is a vibrant green.


Blush pink looks especially pretty with gray and copper.

Mineral Gray:

The last few years, black walls were trending.  Now it’s dark gray – Mineral Gray.  It’s a bit softer than the black, but just as dramatic.  Tufting is still trending.


Mineral Gray in the lower cabinets mixed with brass. Very pretty!  The brass pendants look like jewelry


Texture is everything.  Here, sheepskin rugs are used to add texture.   This is a single person’s haven.  Lots of cozy throws and rugs.  Black and white, mixed with pink.


Texture & Sheepskins:

Sheepskin in hot.  In colors too.  It is very trendy.  Gray, white and black.

A stunning contemporary design by Tamara Magel HERE.  Sheepskin on each chair instead of a cushion. Lindsey Adelman light fixture.  I love this and I’m not even a contemporary person!


  Everyone is doing it.  I like the long hair, bushy look. HERE.

I told you! 


The French oak floor here is gorgeous, mixed with contemporary chairs and textured rugs.  Sheepskin over ottomans.  White walls.  All trending.


I love seagrass, always have and probably always will.  But jute is seen a lot now.  It’s chunkier than seagrass and adds a lot of texture.  In England, they use Apple matting for texture.  But we don’t get that here, so jute fits the bill.   Plus, it looks pretty with grays and whites. HERE.


Texture on texture.  Rugs layered over jute rug and ottomans.  Ralph Lauren.  White walls.  The green add just the right touch of this year’s green Pantone color.


Textures for 2017:

A beautiful room full of textures, casual.  It shows you can still have white slipcovered furniture and be trendy.  The contemporary tables add a chic element.  Wonderful shades. 


Leather mixed with black accents and wicker.  It’s all about texture today.


And just a bit nicer.  Handpainted wallpaper is being seen everywhere – in all the magazines.  Here, this was custom colored in grays!  Beautiful.  Painted floors. Antique chairs.  Contemporary table.  Just gorgeous.


The handpainted paper is hot, hot, hot.   A less expensive way, buy a few panels worth instead of a room.

This paper!  Love!  To keep costs down a bit add wainscoting. 



Ceiling treatments are trending, especially those with highly glossed paint jobs.

Michelle Nussbaumer’s dining room ceiling is an artistic endeavor – a blow up from a photograph.  Incredible.

Blue & White & Green & Ikat:

And then there were a few trend setters who made a splash on social media.  First, Mark Sikes.  He made blue and white and green chic again.  And Ikat.

Mark Sikes – made blue stripes look fresh and new.  He even designed a clothing line around the blue stripe.  He is probably the most popular man on social media right now.  And he has made blue and white and green hot again.


Another trend setter designer on social media is Sarah Bartholomew.  HERE.   Her style was inspired by Mark Sikes but her own look shines through.    This entrance is gorgeous.  If you aren’t doing gray and white – you might be doing this.  I’m so crazy about this entry way!!

Here Sarah mixed blue and white and green just perfectly. 


And the third social media inspiration is William McLure.  Whoa.  Is there anyone not in love with him?  This is his old apartment which he painted every other day. It’s not only his designs, but his art work is fabulous.

His art work is so inspiring – it makes me want to go out and buy contemporary canvases! 


And then, after he had rearranged and painted his apartment a million times, he did what I want to do – he moved to a loft!!!   We waited for weeks to see what McLure had done to it.  Here’s a glimpse.  That large piece of his art is fantastic!!  Just like him.  HERE.

Is there a trend I missed?  Let me know!!!


Here is a fun look at what is what: